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'Wow wow wow! What an amazing, courageous woman you, Livia, are. Thank you for sharing your story of rising from the ashes. You show your strength of character as you share your vulnerability of your life journey and the wisdoms of experience to share, in order to empower myself and many others. Both men and women. Congratulations on writing a great book. Loved every bit of it. Thankyou Thank you Thank you! Look forward to the movie one day.✨' - Andrew Holt - Author, Educator

'Well Livia I have begun my reading and have become instantly transfixed by your words. Having met you and shared more of the back story of how you came to write such amazing and descriptive accounts has added an even greater fascination to the story unfolding before my eyes. You caught me when your nick name from your mother is Boboo. This is my affectionate name for my second son. I am not sure where it began but I just automatically began calling him this as he grew. Thankyou for allowing me to know you better and sharing coffee with your husband, now I have suspended my days work to read instead. How exciting 🌹I teared up I think on the first page so i might need more tissues.' - Celia Fuller - Businesswoman

'Livia York you are such an incredible example of passion! The life and story of this amazing woman reveals grace, strength, resistance and guts..what a beautiful testimony written with the purpose to set you free and yet I see it setting so many others free and enabling them to find a voice of their own.' - Jenna Kenney - Consultant

'4th day in hospital after op! No pain in am and soooooo enjoying reading this book called 'Rise' the abused child of the Phoenix, by Livia York!!!! The only problem is... I don't want it to end!' - Zar Waterhouse - Reader (Austria)

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